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Some comments on the Pride of Redditch 2015 - On behalf of The Alex Angels I would like to thank you and the organisers of The Pride of Redditch Awards for a lovely evening and of course the beautiful flowers. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received in the past few weeks - Tracey Peart…. Brilliant evening once again, you know I will be there to lend a hand and support again next year - Samantha Chandler …. Was a great evening well done - Louise Morgan…. Well done everyone - Lindsey @ Celebrate and Decorate ……It was a great evening and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there. - Lyn Wilmot… Brilliant evening - Nina Kings…. It was an amazing evening... Thank you! -  Sarah Taylor …. Really pleased to be there. Well organised! Really enjoyed it - Forge Mill Volunteers. 
Pride of Redditch

It's important to me that the Pride of Redditch Celebration involves a different youth group each year to encourage the next generation to have a greater sense of pride in where we live.

This year I'm delighted to support Indigo Arts who's aims are to inspire creative practice in education & leisure time activities, to enhance the creative potential of able & disabled individuals through arts related projects and to encourage the development of creativity & the arts within community settings & education

They are a registered charity & entirely dependent on donations, grants and awards from individuals trusts & organisations.

Pride of Redditch 2015 Indigo Arts

With their wide experience of presenting their abilities to a wide audience they will also be providing the music and staging at our awards event on the 11th December.

For more information on Indigo Arts please visit their website at http://www.indigoarts.org.uk